Who We Are

sixnineteen is a lifestyle constructed atop a foundation of philanthropy, dauntlessness, and grit.

July 4, 1776, America celebrated her independence. But we weren’t all free. It would take nearly a Century more — June 19, 1865 — before stolen, enslaved Blacks once viewed as savage beasts and workhorses would learn that they would be declared liberated— no longer a fraction of a person and another man’s property. Today, in this 21st Century where hatred is commended and fear-mongering wins elections, we still strive, just as tirelessly, for extrication; for liberty; for the right to be viewed as men and women, first, and not subjugated for the color of our skin or personal convictions.

sixnineteen is a lifestyle constructed atop a foundation of philanthropy, dauntlessness, and grit. sixnineteen is a legacy that honors our ancestors uplifting those who have paved the way for us. Because of them, we can…

We are an equanimous people, ever vigilant in our pursuit of truth, peace, and equitability. We are veracious, but wise; forgiving, but resolute; peaceful, yet formidable. We are ferocious lovers, with colossal dreams. We are villages and warriors and activists and makers. We are royalty come from royalty. We wear our convictions like fine regalia – a celebration of moral exactness. Our mantle is justice and humanitarianism for all.

It is our mission to create a lifestyle that empowers you to stand up to oppression and beat your chest in the face of injustice with a sense of both pride and purpose. Our brand is not for the conformist nor for the faint of heart. We make disruptive apparel that breaks every chain and feels like freedom. We are sixnineteen.



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