big impact, small imprintfuture-focused and socially-conscious

citizenship & sustainability

corporate responsibility

Sixnineteen is a lifestyle brand specializing in heritage apparel and premium streetwear promising style with substance.

We create iconic clothing and accessories that celebrate culture, legacy, and freedom. From development to production to delivery, and all in between, these tenets permeate every aspect of our core values, our practices, and our designs. Our ethos is simple: big impact, small footprint. This translates to bold offerings from responsibly-sourced, sustainable materials and practices that give more than they require of the planet and the people on it.

1.Global, but Local

We’re a globally recognized brand with the heartbeat of our corporate structure rooted right here in the United States of America. We shop locally, as often as possible, and employ artisans, makers, and representatives from all walks of life.


We are a future-forward, minority-powered company doing our part to promote ethnic parity and diversity in the workforce. Representation matters. We encourage, celebrate, and are made better for individuality in the workplace.

3.Our Studios

Our facilities promote safety and wellness with sanitary worksites, LED lighting, and areas designed for regeneration and relaxation. All labor and overtime is strictly voluntary. We have zero-tolerance for forced or bonded labor.

4.Waste Not

We believe wastefulness is lazy, so we’ve installed recycling stations in every studio. All ink waste is disposed in accordance with environmental and water-conservation regulations. We also donate our excess, and gently-used products to those in need.


All of our materials are sourced from ethical brands and suppliers that comply with regulated labor, environmental, and safety standards. Our inks are eco-friendly, CPSIA-compliant, non-toxic, non-hazardous, water-soluble, and heavy-metal free.

6.Reused, Recycled

All of our packaging materials are either recyclable or biodegradable. Our air packs are at least 25% recycled; kraft packages are 70% – 100% recycled; poly mailers are recyclable and FDA/USDA compliant; garments are ethically sourced.

Our ethos is simple: big impact, small footprint.

— Wisdom Tucker Harris

Accountability Standards

At our core, we hold ourselves and our partners to a high standard of accountability by making a fundamental effort to promote operational efficiencies and efforts toward the eco and socially-conscious preservation of this planet. Fashion is the second-most polluting industry in the world. It is our corporate responsibility to mitigate our footprint by promoting a positive ecological contribution and implementing sustainable, environmentally and socially-conscious practices at the core of our business operations.

Style with Substance

From manufacturing to procurement to the way we select our materials, care for our employees, and give back to our communities, we believe that our transparent, future-forward business model creates ethical and sustainable indulgences you can feel really, really good about. This is style with substance.

From development to production to delivery, and all in between, the sustainment of culture, legacy, and freedom permeates every aspect of our core values, our practices, and our designs.