We believe in cultivating relationships over pushing sales. We want your time spent with us to be easy and enjoyable. That’s why we pride ourselves on building an excellent client care experience. We’ve made a list of answers to some questions you might have to help you along your way. But if you have questions beyond what’s here, feel free to get in touch anytime.

i have a question about my order. what should i do?

once you place your order and it is ready to ship, you will receive an email with shipping information. in most cases, tracking will be included, unless tracking is unavailable as is the case with some international orders. if you can’t find what you’re looking for in your dashboard, feel free to slide in our dms. contact us via email through our website or directly at [email protected], anytime, day or night. we’ll get you squared away.

how long will it take for my order to reach me?

each order is made by a human, by hand, from start to finish at the time your order is processed. that means we don’t carry inventory. we make each item from scratch. the fulfillment period for your order generally takes between 2 – 7 business days until it ships.

once shipped, the time it takes to get from us to you depends on the type of shipping you select which will be provided at checkout. in the us, there will be options anywhere from 1 – 8 business days; internationally, there will be options anywhere from 1 – 20 business days. once your item ships, you will receive confirmation, via email, with tracking (unless unavailable as is the case in certain international areas). if for some reason you experience shipping issues once we’ve dispatched your order, please contact your carrier as we cannot be held responsible for shipping delays.

we provide tracking for most of our orders, except where prohibited. if you’d like to track your order at any point in its journey to you, login to your account and enter your order number for updates.


i'm sure i'll love my order, but what is your return policy, just incase?

everything we offer is custom made at the time you order. that means from printing to cutting to stitching to shipping, the entire process is completed by a real, live human being, by hand. for this reason, we generally do not accept returns and cannot issue refunds. however, in the unlikely event you receive something that has been damaged in transit, all is not lost. we add insurance to most of our shipments, so contact the carrier with details of your issue and usually, they can resolve such issues. but we know stuff happens. if it just ain’t right, send us clear, well-lit pictures of any damage with a concise explanation of the issue to [email protected] right away, and we’ll do our best to help resolve the issue.

do you have a physical location where i can try before i buy?

in order to provide an opportunity for more people to experience our brand while keeping overhead lower, we’re currently an online-only atelier. however, this gives us the freedom to move around more, so be sure to sign up to become a 619 insider and follow us on social media for exclusive invitations to pop-up experiences and capsule collection features.

i'm a retailer and would love to be a stockist of your line. do you wholesale?

we’d love to license your shop to stock our brand(s), but there are some criteria we need to verify before we can extend wholesale licensing. we’re selective, but the process is simple. just shoot us an email at [email protected] and we’ll share a private portal to get the ball rolling.

how do i cancel or delete my account?

you have the right to cancel or delete your account at any time. if you choose to delete your account, you will, however, no longer have access to information about any of your orders that have already been processed. you will lose any details that were stored in your account, as well.

if you wish to cancel your account, please contact customer care at [email protected] with the subject, “please delete my account” and information including your name, email address, and username, if different. we value your feedback so please also include why you’ve chosen to cancel your account as this helps us to improve our future service.

how do I unsubscribe from your newsletter?

while we’d hate to see you go, you can always unsubscribe from any of our newsletters by using the “unsubscribe” link in any newsletter (might be located at the top, or bottom, or both). you may be able to also opt-out from your account by clicking on ‘my newsletter’ (where available) and then on the link ‘cancel all newsletters’.

important: before you unsubscribe, please do not mark these emails as spam, as this may also block the delivery of other important emails from sixnineteen (order confirmation, tacking confirmation, etc).

please bear in mind it may take up to 3 days for your unsubscription to take effect.

do you ever offer promotions?

custom apparel ain’t cheap… but we have minimized our overhead to offer competitive pricing for premium quality with most of our merchandise. but we reward our fans, followers, and family occasionally with limited promotions in the forms of promo codes and occasional invitation-only sales. sign up to become a 619 insider and be sure to follow us on social media where we share our news, first. we’re pretty easy to find.

i would love to be an ambassador for the brand. any opportunities?

we love building with talented, interesting individuals who reflect our brand ethos and energy. be sure to follow us on social media and become 619 insider for news regarding casting calls and special ambassadorship opportunities. for anything particularly interesting or pressing, email us directly at [email protected].

how do we contact you for press-related inquiries or placements?

we look forward to working with your publication or fashion house! contact us at [email protected] for press-related, pull, or placement opportunities.

how is my order made and where is it coming from?

we conduct most of our business in the united states, first, before outsourcing. the vast majority of our apparel and merchandise is made by hand, by human beings, right here in the usa. but as a global lifestyle brand, less than 5% of our merchandise is fulfilled in one of our ateliers in mexico, europe, or east asia to better service our international clients.

is your organization eco-friendly? socially-conscious?

we are committed to building and promoting a healthy and inclusive work environment and future-focused business model rooted in good global citizenship and sustainability. we believe it is more important to invest in the sustainabilty and prosperity of our future than it is to chase a dollar. to this end, over 97% of our inks are certified as waterbased and eco-friendly. we work with each of our vendors and ateliers to ensure working environments are healthy, safe, and inclusive for all employees. we take a zero-tolerance approach to child-labor, human trafficking, and civil rights violations in the work place. we care about the health and well-being of this world and its citizens. sustainability, social-consciousness, and diversity is at the core of our dealings at all times.

Read more about our corporate responsibility here.