sixnineteen is quietly disrupting the apparel industry one social media post at a time

Born, quietly, is making noise in the apparel industry by creating disruptive, premium street style with substance

In a country where Mitch McConnell thinks Obama equals reparations, and #45 cancelled our Tubman $20s, sixnineteen vows to promote healing and celebrate the magic in our melanin through edification, representation and education.

We created sixnineteen to answer the severe lack of education and respect history has toward the very people who built this country. Every hand-drawn, handmade, original design is signed and inspected so you know every stitch has heart built into it.


On Juneteenth, 2019, sixnineteen secretly launched an online clothing brand offering premium streetwear, apparel, and gifts. stands apart from other t-shirt and apparel shops with original, handmade illustrations adorning custom, hand-assembled pieces of wearable art fashioned by skilled artisans in 7 ateliers across the United States, and two International studios in both Europe and Mexico.

Obama and Baby Gawds x 619_greenroom

Having devoted not one dollar toward endorsements, advertisements, or marketing, the founders of sixnineteen invested their own resources into technologies to keep their clothes as American as possible, established relationships with small manufacturers to ensure quality took precedence over quantity, and set about building a simple platform that told their story, visually.

Mantra x sixnineteen_sunroom

“It is important that our designs do the heavy lifting, here. We didn’t want to get lost in the business of it all. We really wanted to concentrate on the art. Our goal is to make clothing that makes you feel good. Everything we offer is a conversation piece— an opportunity to educate and edify. Why would you spend your good Harriet Tubmans on anything that didn’t build you up and celebrate who you are?”


A bit rebellious in their approach, sixnineteen took a gamble leaving the success (or failure) of their brand in the hands of the people.

“Our strategy is simple. Make dope shit and let our designs do all the talking. We never planned to get rich off of this, but it is nice to see yourself represented as a young gawd, an icon, and celebrated for your dopeness.” —sixnineteen

So how does one build a brand with no marketing?

“We created clothes we wanted to wear, shot selfies and ussies with a Pixel, Phone by Google, and used the natural light and environment around us. That’s it. Then we shared our pics on our semi-secret social media page that is kinda going viral on its own,” sixnineteen shared, amused.

44 and Mantra x sixnineteen_porch
Aunt Viv x sixnineteen_swing

In exactly one week after the launch of, the fledgling brand has exceeded its initial milestone by over 200%.

“That’s the ultimate goal, isn’t it? Let our customers evangelize our brand, authentically. If y’all love it, promote it! If not, we’ll just keep making awesome designs that we love, regardless. It’s art. Not everyone is going to get it. But we will make you stop, and think.” —sixnineteen

Greatest x sixnineteen_office is far from a label. It’s a lifestyle of culture, legacy, and freedom. This is the epitome of style with substance. We are #sixnineteen.

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